Friday, February 4, 2011

My Time

14 weeks into the journey of a lifetime I feel my faith in myself beginning to wobble.  On November 1st, 2010 I decided to take my life back and start a weight-loss journey.  I decided to do this so that I may live a longer, happier, and more successful future.

Ever since I was a little boy I have always been overweight and had a negative relationship with food.  Although I am and have been very active I have not been able to be happy and comfortable in my own skin.  This started to change a couple years ago as I realized that I can be comfortable and happy with whom I am because I am worth it and that only I can dictate how I am going to live my life.  Weight at this point was not an issue for me.  It was as I was living happy with whom I was that my weight started to increase and before I knew it was 327 pounds.

I knew at this point that I needed to make a change and I needed to find a way to incorporate my newfound happiness with myself and turn it into something bigger and better than I could ever imagine.  Coming off of a high from taking one of the most life changing and life defining trips of my life I went into a weight loss program and haven’t turned back.

After 13 completed weeks I have lost 28 pounds and over 4 inches in my chest and abdomen.  I am very happy with the results that I have achieved thus far although am starting to get stressed out and frustrated with my progress as I have lost a total of 0 pounds and 0 inches in the last 5 weeks on the program.

I know that it is at this time that I get to define my future. I have three options ahead of me. 

1. Say screw it and go back to living my happy lifestyle and know that it is enough for me and my loved ones.
2. Continue as I am and hope that things will change and get better.
3. Put my nose to the grindstone; work harder than I ever have in my life to achieve something that is bigger than just me.

I think it is easy to say that I chose number 3.  I want this more than anything.  And not just to be skinny or fit or healthy……it is more than that.  I want to inspire, grow, teach, mentor, and lead by example.  I want to be the best dancer and instructor I can possibly be.  I want to complete something that takes a life time to master. I want to be able to run and compete in marathons/triathlons.  I want to be able to climb mountains, see the world, and be comfortable.  I want to live.

Although I am in my 14th week and this journey has already started, I would like to share my successes, lessons, hardships, and inspirations with others so that this will truly be bigger than just me.  That way I will be motivated to stay on track and try new things.  That’s what motivates me……that’s what inspires me…..that’s what keeps me going.  This is for my future, my family, my life partner, and more importantly......THIS IS FOR ME........THIS IS MY TIME!


  1. YES YES choose Door #3!!! and 28 lbs in 13 weeks is awesome! great job. Can't wait to read more about your journey. And I’m your first follower! Woot woot :}

  2. I believe in you Nathan. Don't focus on the numbers. Focus on the things you can do now, that you couldn't have before you started.