Friday, February 25, 2011

March 10 - Free Falling

Good job to everyone who participated in the February Challenge.  Still a couple more days to go! Keep strong and motivated over the last bit and remember to finish strong.

I am posting the March Challenge a little early, as there is some homework involved in getting prepared.  Although the challenge is marked the big ten please feel free to modify the number to fit your life style.  Some of you might feel challenged with The Big Five but I do encourage you to not go above ten.

This challenge is designed to stretch our comfort zones and try new things.  Trust me when I say that we will all not “love” every activity we engage in however we might all find that one niche we have been looking for.

Here we go =D

March Challenge!!!!

1)   Pick your Big 10 (or which ever number you chose) activities that you have either never tried or haven’t tried in more than 5 years.  THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES! Write them down and post them on your bathroom mirror, fridge, front door, review mirror etc., as well as in my comments section.  Nothing is too difficult or out there.  Pick things that will be challenging!
2)   Over the next 31 days (Starting March 1st) attempt each activity once either by finding a drop in class, finding a friend to participate, or just going out on your own.
3)   Set another weight goal if losing weight is your focus.
4)   Create an over the top reward that is bigger than anything you have ever done but want to do more than anything.

My Top 10!!!

1)   Rock Climbing
2)   Yoga
3)   Spin Class
4)   Ice Skating
5)   Mountain Climbing/ Hiking
6)   Pilates
7)   Horseback Riding
8)   Sledding
9)   Curling
10)  Shooting Range

I am setting myself an ambitious weight loss goal of 10 pounds this month.  Difficult but very fulfilling!

My reward for this month is HUGE!!!!! When I complete my challenge I will reward myself with a Bungee Jump from Center of Gravity in West Edmonton Mall.  So excited!!!!!!

Good luck to everyone and I look forward to hearing your progress and sharing with you my journey.

"You only ever grow as a human being if you're outside your comfort zone."

- Percy Cerutty

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