Friday, May 13, 2011

A New Out-Look

I know that it seems cliché to again apologize for my absence in blogging however I really do feel bad for not posting more often.  This is an outlet that I enjoy and I feel a sense of pride/accomplishment in sharing my journey/story with all of my readers.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine a few weeks ago and thought I would share some of the wisdom that came from it.  I am not trying to label myself a philosopher or anything of that nature however I just didn’t realize the over lap in my life until I re-read this conversation.

The conversation started out with talking about plans for school next year.  We were both very excited to be picking classes and preparing for the years to come.  The conversation turned to asking about finances and what plans we had to get through the year as far as work or student loans, etc.   This is where the conversation turned to Love Your Dance.  An idea I had while in China last year that has become a main focus of success in my life.  She asked me how it was that I turned an idea into a success.  I shared with her that I made a list of things that I waned to see happen in the next year.  I then took the list and came up with a few steps that I would have to take in order to accomplish the task (ie who I would need to email or call, etc.).  When I returned home from China, I started to cross things off the to-do list and before I knew it I was accomplishing the things that I had wanted to do.

I know that this sounds weird but things just started falling into place and my desires started to grow.  I would try something (like sending an email).  If that didn’t work I would change the email, or send it to someone different or try something new.  If something didn’t work I revamped it and tried again.  I did this in all aspects of my life (except for my weight loss journey). I started to see results in all aspects of my life (except for my weight loss journey).  I think that I am starting to see a pattern here…try new things till something works.  This is My Time….I need to do this My Way.

So here is the new thing that I am doing! Trying new things!!!!!!!  I am excited and ready for more awesome things to come and to see how strong I really am!

Please feel free to leave any advice or encouragement that you may have.  I would love to see comments on here.  As you fellow bloggers know…. comments make things easier.  They encourage and remind us of the hard work we have put in and give us the fuel to keep going!