Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Challenge - Going Further

I have taken a couple of days to find out what direction I would like this to go.  I noted before that I would like to share my successes, lessons, hardships, and inspirations with others so that this will truly be bigger than just me.  One way I am going to attempt to achieve this is with monthly challenges.

Each month (either on the first day or a couple of days before) I will post the challenge for the month.  Some of them will be about fitness; some will be personal challenges; and some will be just fun.  I welcome anyone who follows to attempt the challenges with me, comment on your successes, and submit ideas for future challenges.  I believe this is a good way to inspire others and myself.  I will, of course, keep you posted on my progress, trials, hardships, and wins.

Because February is already a week in I thought that I would give a fun fitness challenge for the next three weeks.  This challenge is a little selfish and I really just want to see if I can push myself for three weeks and stick with it.

February Challenge;
1)   Workout for a minimum of 1 hour a day either in cardio or weight training for a minimum of 5 days a week. (A total of 15 days/hours minimum from now until February 28th)
2)   For each of the three weeks set a distance goal for you to complete in the 5 days.  Remember that the average person walks about 3.0 miles an hour, jogs at 5.5 miles an hour, and runs at 7.5 miles an hour.
3)   If weight loss is a goal or focus of yours; set a reasonable, attainable, but challenging goal.
4)   Create a reward for yourself once the challenge is complete.

For myself I am making a goal of 50 miles travelled over the next 7 days and a 5-pound loss over the next 3 weeks.  I think this is both challenging and attainable for my self as I have hit a plateau so 5 pounds is attainable but tough, and 50 miles is a distance not yet done in one week personally.  My reward is going to be a day at the West Edmonton Mall Waterpark as have not been there in a number of years. It is a reward that will motivate me each week.

Good luck to everyone over the next three weeks.  I look forward to hearing about your journey.

 "Continuous effort -- not strength or intelligence -- is the key to unlocking our potential."
- Liane Cardes

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  1. Hey Nathan, good luck with that goal! Fifty miles will be a pretty impressive achievement. I doubt I've exceeded 25 miles on any given week, granted I do little else than run - minimal walking or jogging - as I'm working on improving my maximum pace over a shorter time rather than endurance, though a 10k run does feel good once in a while.

    Good luck!