Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Going the Distance

Another week down.  Another week begins.

I did okay this week.  Not the results that I was “hoping” to see but I did see the results that I should have been expecting to see.  I am up 2.8 pounds this week.  Like I said before though…not to surprising saying that I lost 4 last week because of being sick.

This whole week I didn’t stay on track 100 percent either (in terms of dieting).  I kept saying that I should be expecting to gain because again I was sick and used that (not to go overboard) to cheat a little.  Again though…2.8 is not that bad in the long run and I am feeling stronger and healthier and have more energy (mainly because my workout was 100%).

I completed my goal this week of 67 miles travelled in my workouts.  How fulfilling is that? I am very excited about this.  Continuing on my February Challenge I am making a goal of 70 miles this week.  Again I think this is attainable. I am also going to start back up with deep-water aqua size. To reach my goal of 5 pounds lost in February I need to lose 1.6 pounds this week.  Again I think this is doable.

I hope that everyone has a great week and stays active.  March Challenge coming up in a week.  Start getting ready…it’s a big one.  Thank you again for all the support J.

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