Monday, March 7, 2011

To Little Too Late

I feel as though I have done to little too late this week.  I put off going to the gym, eating my proper, meals, and taking time for me. That was until Saturday when I tried to ramp it up for the last two days before my weigh-in.  Can’t be surprised that I gained 0.5 (or really stayed the same in essence). All I can do is accept what I know I need to do and put the effort in.

I have planned three of my Top 10 March Challenge activities for this week.  I will be trying; #2 – Yoga, #3  -Spin Class, and #6 – Pilates.  Stay tuned to hear how this goes.  I am very excited.

I also started training for my 5K that is on April 3rd.  I completed 2.0 km in approx. 20 mins.  I know that I need to improve on this to make my goal of 40 mins but this was also the first kick at the can.

Very excited for the journey ahead and promise to myself that I will be diligent and true to myself.  I am worth it.  This is MY TIME!!

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