Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Time Lent

I have decided (to be honest in the last five minutes) that I will be for the first time in my life participate in Lent.  This should be interesting... and a little daunting.  I have to decide on something to give up for the next 46 days.

Quick side note: I am doing this for personal reasons and to help with my journey.

So the question comes…what to give up.  I have decided I will give up coffee!!!

I can not believe that I am doing this however I remember from high school that lent is supposed to be something that is hard to sacrifice…. something that is challenging…something that will test you on a daily basis to remind yourself of the commitment you have made. 

I have been known to drink 4-5 cups (XL size) coffees per day.  Not always with sugar and cream (I have been substituting sweetener and milk for the most part).  I will be giving up a huge staple as to what people know me as.  I am looking forward to the number of benefits from doing this.  The money I will save (at least $5 a day totalling over 200 dollars over the time period). The benefit of reducing my caffeine and sugar in take (will totally help with my weight loss journey.... at least it can't hurt it).

I just finished a coffee while writing this and will not have another cup until the 23rd of April.  Wish me luck!

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