Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter Two

I think this is an appropriate moment to start chapter two of my journey. I have, as mentioned in my last post, fallen off the wagon and am ready to get back on.  I am done taking a break!  I am getting back to work!

I feel that I need to start a whole new chapter of this journey.  Chapter one was about starting something new, putting myself first, and kick starting my “new” me.  It was My Time and I needed believe it.  Now that I truly do believe that this is My Time I need to own My Time!

I am moving into the chapter of my journey that focuses on becoming stronger and pushing my limits.  I need to do this as I am hitting plateaus and need to move on.  I have become comfortable, which is being demonstrated both on the scale and in my attitude.  As I have learned from reading other blogs and hearing other weight loss journeys…. when you get comfortable in your journey, its time to switch it up, especially so that I can make it to my goal. 

Being comfortable with myself was something that I had no problem with when I was 327 pounds.  I want however to be comfortable at my goal weight as a fit and active young adult. Until I reach that goal I want to make myself as uncomfortable as possible so that I stay motivated and keep on pushing towards this me.

This is what I am going to do (and no it is not just by doing another monthly challenge).  I am prepared to do what I need to for getting to my goal.   I am going to eat on my meal plan 100%.  I am going to do 2 a day workouts for 5 days and 1 workout on the other days.  These will be a mix of cardio and weight training. I will be tweeting and blogging about my progress and I will be pushing my self to my limits.  I am ready to make myself uncomfortable again.  I am worth it.

I weighed in at 300.6 pounds this morning and would like to be at 260 in 10 weeks, an average of 4 pounds a week (ambitious I know). I thank you for your continued support in following my journey and look forward to hearing more about your journeys and accepting your encouragement hearing your comments.

Let’s get this done!!

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